Nella's Flutes "Open the Heart & Soothe the Soul" tm

The sweet, soothing voices of handcrafted wooden flutes that Nella makes and plays speak to the hearts and souls of those who hear them and those who play them.  These hauntingly beautiful sounds have the energy to dissolve anger, relieve stress and calm anxiety in only moments of time.  These flutes open the heart -- bring a sense of well being -- a joy for life -- a transformation -- a healing

Call to hear a personally selected flute and to talk with Nella about your choices of tones, woods, and designs.
Nella can teach you to play the flutes in 5 minutes, even from her 'over the phone' directions.
She has taught hundreds of people to play the flute.
Call Nella at 336-423-7338

These handcrafted drums, full of power, beauty and vibrant beats, are tools for releasing emotions and for stoking creativity.


For further information, please contact:
Nella Silverspear
931-B South Main Street #331
Kernersville, NC 27284

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